We work
together with non-profit organizations towards a better world

We have a wealth of experience co-creating platforms for education and research while employing a huge variety of different methodologies.

  • A smartphone screen displaying the Lola Aprende Hábitos Jugando habit-building app.

    Healthy habits learning platform for Ronald McDonald House

    Lola aprende hábitos jugando is an educational app for teaching children healthy habits. We digitalized all interactions and enhanced existing content to achieve the client's goals, making their habit-learning platform available in the context of COVID-19.

  • A screen displaying the digital assistance app for seniors developed by BeeReal.

    Platform to assist adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Desde casa is a tool created in collaboration with Edad.tech to assist adults in the use of digital media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • A screen displaying the Prosocial dashboard, developed by BeeReal.

    Digital transformation for an organization based on evolutionary science

    Prosocial is a non-profit organization that seeks to use evolutionary science to foster and steward cooperation and collaboration across groups of all types and sizes, with a methodology that is effective at a global scale.

  • A screen displaying the Contemplative Life web app, developed by BeeReal.

    Social network connecting people and communities via transformative practices

    Contemplative Life is a nonprofit organization that encourages contemplative living by connecting people and communities through transformative practices.

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