Streamlined digital logistics solutions for your business

We are experts in providing solutions for transportation, shipment tracking, data warehousing, route optimization, dynamic scheduling, and customer communication.

  • Smartphone and laptop screens showing the backend dashboard developed by BeeReal for DHL.

    DHL: Digital Products Incubator

    We launched 10+ products with the main goals of company innovation, employee motivation and investment optimization.

  • Smartphone and laptop screens showing the real-time tracking app dashboard developed by BeeReal.

    Real-time tracking of people in emergency situations

    For more than 110 years, it has been Falck’s mission to prevent accidents and diseases & to rescue and assist people quickly and competently.

  • Smartphone and laptop screens showing various data visualizations in a corporate app developed by BeeReal.

    C-Level Canvas to plan and execute corporate projects

    LCT Prime provides users with IT tools that help them focus on what's really important: how to interact with people every day.

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