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Our experienced Team evaluate your situation and design a tailor-made solution to present to you!

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Staff Augmentation


We integrate your work team to deliver experience & know-how to your projects.

Collaborative Teams

Our professionals create a healthy climate of collaboration between teams to obtain the best results together.

Leadership and Management

We have PM profiles, with extensive experience in the management and coordination of remote teams.


After the end of the month, the team will deliver a monthly report of hours detailing the hours performed.


We design user-friendly and accessible interfaces based on prototypes obtained in the user research, defining flows, screens and components that allow them to master the interface.


We focus on architecture, scalability and performance of each application, with the help of proven revision control systems that allow us to deliver accurate results and optimize your business.

Develop digital products using latest technologies, thinking on user interactions and time-to-market of our clients.



Project Manager

Through teamwork and decision-making, we create an agile, collaborative and synchronized environment to enhance capabilities of each person and deliver every project on estimated time.

#Planning #Coordination #Transparency #Manage #Report #Agile #Scrum #Kanban

UX Researcher

We analyze how your clients use your digital product to find opportunities for improvement. Based on UX standards, we propose innovative solutions to create positive experiences for your customers.

#User #Research #Usability #Iterative #Prototyping #Accesibility #MobileUX

UI Designer

We are passionate about design. We create user-friendly and creative interfaces aligned with business goals. We define each element of the UI to cover client & user's expectations.

#Wireframing #UI #Design #MobileUI #Guidelines #MaterialDesign #Flat

UI Developer

We create interfaces based on standards and good practices using development frameworks. We work with the latest open-source technologies on the market and agile development techniques.

#React #Angular #Javascript #jQuery #Bootstrap #HTML5 #CSS3

WEB Developer

We develop projects focusing on architecture, flexibility, scalability and system performance to reach optimal solutions that allow us to achieve customers needs.

#NodeJS #Java #Spring #Hibernate #Maven #Struts #PHP #RESTfulAPIs

Full Stack Dev

We know and dominate each layer of the system, from the database to the user interface, assuming tasks of different nature and aligning with the needs that arise during the project.

#FrontEndCode #BackEndCode #Database #Frameworks #Languages

You can find the right specialized skills you need to augment your teams and provide much needed project hours to meet your tight deadlines


Education & Diversity

Many high school students around Latin America choose Buenos Aires for their university studies. There are more than 100,000 undergraduate and post graduate students in the city, the majority of whom stays in the capital to work in professional roles after graduating.


Attitude & Experience

Over 70% of students graduate from universities with a top-level degree and solid working experience by the time they finish their studies thanks to having worked through their education. In addition, Argentina boasts Latin America’s best English speakers which makes its professionals the most skilled in international markets.


Mature Market

Argentina has been catering to local and multinational firms oriented to managed services for more than 25 years. It started then with a few players serving the US market and it has now become a mature outsourcing destination for many domestic and global companies.


Argentine Culture

As most Argentines are of European descent, professionals in Argentina are seamlessly in line with the needs of their clients. The misunderstandings that come up from the culture gap in other parts of the world will not exist with Argentinian providers.

Urgent Beacon

A real-time marketing tool that connects consumers with location-specific time-sensitive information.

Tidy Marketer

One stop shop budgeting, collaboration and productivity SAAS for Marketing Teams and Agencies.

Dexfit Zero

Activity Tracking System, based on a smartwatch and a web platform to access to real time statistics.